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What is it?

Posted July 29, 1996

Shaking with mirth.  Taking the garbage out.  Having spam for breakfast.  Lost 
in the wilderness with nothing more than a kilt.  Taking time out for tea.  
Half a box full of bugs.  Torque wrenches painted purple.  Torn, spindled, 
shredded, wasted.  Hoses wrapped around your arm.  Long hosiery tied in knots. 
 Horses bred for steam.  Long wires spelling out names of dead presidents.  
Boats sinking in creamy pudding.  A kitchen full of wandering moose.  A 
drawbridge stopped halfway up.  Sparks flying out of an outlet.  Pork cutlets. 
 Walking to Kevinville.  Toes. Piles of dirty laundry.  Voting for head 
waiter.  Jumping up and down on the bed.  Tearing the heads off Barbie dolls.  
Lasting terror from Mary Poppins.  Zits in your scalp.  A long history of 
poking schnauzers in the eye.  Time for karma school.  Whining preachers 
brandishing "The Joy of Sex."  Walls of cotton.  Beating cows with baseball 
bats.  Cordless speakerphones.  Balls of tape wound around kitty kibble.  
Beady-eyed appliance salesmen.  IRS auditors looking in your shoeboxes. Bolts 
crossthreaded with the wrong size nuts.  Spotless sneakers doused with 
chocolate syrup.  Wanton disregard for posterity.  Laser-eyed softball 
pitchers.  Large hooters.  Well heeled admirals playing with their privates.  
Squirrels.  A banjo playing by itself in the dark.  Six chopsticks reading out 
as I-Ching.  Nodding dazedly to your mother. Bad jokes from your boss.  A 
last-ditch effort to drive to Guatemala. Atomic Number 333.  Inter-species 
busing.  Cagey knaves waiting for tarts.  Potions elixir.  Hasty, Surly, 
Meanie, Snotty, Bratty, Vicious and Dopey.  Eating your green beans.  A long 
glissando.  Stellar nova.

Sean "catbear" Puckett