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Red Pens

Posted May 28, 1996

In article <4ocb2a$>, (Rachel Patricia Armstrong) wrote:
>Why is it that red ball point pens ALWAYS write better that blue or black 
>ones?  And if red ink was to become the universally preferred ink, would 
>it cease to be an easy writer?

Red pen always writes better to show support for revolt of suppressed millions 
laboring in indignity under cesium heel of neo-capitalistic trilateral league 
and who, though forced every day to enscribe personal thoughts and deeds in 
mindless conformity with the commands of propogandists and task-masters to use 
only bruise-blue or gangrene-black pens that serve as everpresent reminders of 
the horrors that will be wrought upon their tired and wretched souls, will one 
day rise above the fear, the hatred and the tyrrany and stab forth with the 
forbidden red pen, stab through their contracts, stab through their checks, 
stab through their curtains of despair and reclaim the torch of true 
expressive freedom, the blood-red pen of triumph!