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What is meant by "a nick"?

Posted March 26, 1996

On 24 Mar 1996 03:35:43 GMT, Siobhan <101624.2447@CompuServe.COM>

>In the states, what is meant by 'a nick'?

I'm glad you asked that, because there's a flat out in Syracuse that's
been waiting for me.  Listen, I'll tell you all about Nick, but first
I'd like you to think about paraplegic elephants.  Have you ever
considered THEIR feelings?  Imagine the life, tied up to banana trees,
hapless and cold, dreading the moment the phone rings.  Look, there's
no possible excuse for this sort of misunderstanding, you know.  It's
just beyond me, and my toaster is coated with shellac.  Shellac is
made by bugs, so I hear, and out of raw terror I sprayed my bread
burner with half a can of RAID.  Do you think that would pose a health
hazard?  Should I call the CDC?  Dustin Hoffman might show up, and
that would be very cool.  I could serve him toast.  And he might eat
it.  But there's only one more day till Ex-Lax.  That's the day given
by all verboten jammers to widdle their tallywackers.  And the day
after Ex-Lax is known in some circles as Nick.  Nick is a wonder
filled day when the joyous pool men travel to the poor side of town
and wash down the sidewalks with muriatic acid.  Boy do those hovels
sparkle!  Listen, I've probably said too much, and there's a big dog
waiting for you outside.  Take care, and don't poke sister in the eye.

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