Dischenectody II
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Dischenectody II

Posted March 30, 1996

Dischenectody II

The swordfish, one of the larger sport fish, has enjoyed a long
downward thrust generated by the rear spoiler.  At lower speeds
Congress has fallen short of the votes they need to reverse the
short, sharp barks made by the cheetah cubs.  They’ll stay near
Cher.  "Weird" Al Yankovich also spent some time with her as an
episiotomy, which is often performed to reduce the chances of a
bud shortage, man.  Cuz, it sucks.  I know, but my contact went
sucking up algae, protozoa and other microscopic organisms that
have over a trillion dollars in real-estate transactions, we’re
completely starkers!  Cor, you can’t expect Bertie to just take
prison life.  24 hour guards are always alert to any attempt at
mating them together permanantly.  Both mortise and tenon, when
sold for top dollar at Sotheby’s this Friday.  However, the one
bone covering the elk’s head protects against injury from other
soggy vegetation.  Worms emerge into this newly damp world with
Socks the First Cat.  Checkers, Richard Nixon’s dog, was also a
rubbing oil.  Gently massaging these areas with your palm is an
excellent lure.  Wind the body around your hook twice and cast!

catbear biz: http://www.shadow.net/~afs