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iPhone Paintbook 2.0

New Site -- PaintBook.ca

A whole new community site is now up and ready for PaintBook users. Go there now -- http://paintbook.ca/

Paintbook 2.0

100% vector based natural media drawing comes to the iPhone and iPod touch. Not a simple "doodle" app, Paintbook is the perfect sketchbook canvas, with...

  • No bitmap jaggies
  • Infinite undo
  • Infinite zoom
  • Rotate paper to any angle


  • Full colour support
  • Easy hue, shadow and tone adjustment
  • 30 customizable colour pots
  • Brushes from 0.1 to 100mm in width
  • Round and square bristles
  • 12 customizable brushes
  • Pigment and ink media
  • Media density adjustment


  • Multiple pages with thumbnail browser
  • Save to Photo Folder
  • Real-time stroke smoothing

Paintbook 2.0 is perfect for plein-air drawing, live figure drawing, still life, cartooning, caricature and, of course, grabbing any ideas visually, anywhere and anytime.

Still more exciting features are planned for the future, most of which I don't want to reveal now -- competitors are watching!

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Read the iPhone Paintbook 2.0 Tips to learn more about Paintbook and how to use it.

Demo Video

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