All Taglink Options

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  keyword list;
  header: Header Line;
  noheader: If specified, there will not be a header line
  nonew: if specified, there will not be a + to add a new page
  newtitle: If specified, will be the title of a new page
  newpage: If specified, will be the caption at the top of the new page editor
  bullets; if specified, items will appear in a UL/LI list.
  new: If specified, creates a full text link to add a new page (with given text)
  template: If specified, items will use template matching "Special:Link (given text)"
  limit: limits number of items listed.  really useful only with time sort
  sort: title, created, or modified
  flow: specifies that items should be comma separated like the [[ ]] style list.
  ifheader: Will not draw a header IF there are no items to show.  Makes the list invisible if it isn't needed.

Using Templates for List Items

This needs explained.

Passthru Variables

You can actually put anything before a colon in a list option. All of these values are made available to templates that are drawing the list by using the format $$variablename$$.

special template codes for lists

  • ##object## returns object id. useful in creating links.
  • ##title## returns page title.
  • ##created-date## returns date page was created
  • 1 creates a small "edit" link to edit the page.
  • ##modified-date## returns date page was last edited
  • ##comments## shows comment tree in-place
  • ##commentform## shows comment form in-place
  • ##commentline## shows the comment count, plus an add-a-comment link..
  • ##keywords,1,2,3,...## shows keywords of page EXCEPT 1,2,3,....

More Notes

  • {nav{keywords}} builds a navigator link
  • {rss{keywords}} builds an rss feed for NEW pages matching
  • {rssmod{keywords}} builds an rss feed for MODIFIED pages matching
  • {searchform{keywords}} displays a small full text search form that will launch the navigator with the given keys.
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