Special Taglink Techniques

Negating a Tag

Sometimes, when pages haven't had enough Tags added in order to tell them apart from each other, you'll get pages you don't want in your list. There are two things you can do to solve this problem.

The best solution is to add more Tags to the affected pages so that you can build a Tag link that shows just the pages you want it to.

The other approach is to build a Tag link with a negated Tag. Normal Tags, when grouped together, operate like "Car and Sedan and Honda" all at once. By adding a negated Tag, you can create something like "Car and Sedan and Honda but not Civic".

To add a negated Tag to your link, place an exclamation point just before the Tag, like this: [[Car Sedan Honda !Civic]]. Notice that there is no space between the exclamation point and the Tag that follows it.

Additive Tags

  • quick note: You can code {Car Sedan+Coupe} and get both sedans AND coupes.

The special My Tag

When you're building your Tag links, you can use the Tag My in addition to regular Tags.

My is translated into a Tag that is actually the page number of the current page. So if you have a link that looks like this: [[My Notes]] on your homepage, and your homepage is page number 3437, the Tag link really functions like this: [[#3437 Notes]]. You'll see this happen in the examples below, when you click on the pages in the links.

What good is this? Well, it means that you don't need to make up new Tags all the time when you just want to add some detail information for the topic that is presented on a single page. For example, you could create an add-a-page link like this: {{My Feedback}} on a piece of poetry. Then users could easily add feedback just by clicking the plus sign.

Note: My is not a guarantee of privacy, or of restriction. Pages added with the My Tag are as visible as any other, they just have a special, unique Tag on them that makes it easy to attach them to a parent page.

{{My AllAbout:Test MyComments}}
My AllAbout:Test MyComments Add

When you click on the +, you'll see the actual Tags given to the new page are #14 AllAbout:Test MyComments. That makes sense, because this is page #14.

The My Tag is particularly useful in templates! Can you figure out why?

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