Linking to Other Pages

There are four ways to link to other pages on Nexi.

The Title Link

You can link to another page by its title. Place the title, or the first few words of the title, between single curly braces like this {Page Title}.

Since there may be more than one page that matches, Tags are compared between the current page and all potential links. The page with the most Tags in common are chosen. If more than one page has the same number of matching Tags, they are all shown in a comma separated list.

If you want to be sure that you are linking to a certain kind of page with a title link, you can provide "hints" in the form of Tags. Hint Tags must be found in the destination pages or they don't qualify, even if their titles match. Hints are just a list of Tags, followed by a colon, like this: {Tag1 Tag2: Page Title}.

If no pages at all match, a link will appear instead which will add a new page when clicked on. The page is given the title you specified in the link. The page will also have default Tags: The Tags of the original page, plus any hint Tags. You should remove any Tags that are incorrect before saving the page.

* {Help and information}
* {Lyric: If I Were}
* {This should create a new page, because it won't match anything.}

Title links are not reliable -- if the page they link to is renamed, the link will break.

The Direct Link

If you want to go to a certain page, and only that page, you can use a direct link. They look like this: [page number]. (Those are square brackets.) For page number, enter the page number shown on the upper right corner of the page. (This page is page 54.)

Page linking is explained here: [83].

Page linking is explained here: Linking to Other Pages.

Notice how the title of the page is pulled into the link automatically.

The Tag Link

If you don't know (or don't care, which is more likely) what the page number is, you can link to a page just by specifying Tags used on that page. Like the direct link, you enclose the link information in square brackets. Just put the Tags you want to match between the brackets, like this [[TagA TagB TagC]].

My list of things to accomplish: [[AllAbout:Bugs ToDo]].

My list of things to accomplish: (Add AllAbout:Bugs ToDo).

If more than one page matches the Tags you give, then all of those pages will appear, separated by commas. This works well when there are only a few similar items.

Learn more about who is responsible for this site: [[AllAbout:Help Credits]].

Learn more about who is responsible for this site: (Add AllAbout:Help Credits).

The Add-A-Page Link

If you use curly braces instead of square braces around your Tags, you get three special enhancements to the Tag link.

  1. The links appear as a list, one per line.
  2. You get a nice header above the list.
  3. An "add-a-page" plus sign appears in the list header. If you click on the plus sign, you'll be prompted to add a new page. This page will start up with the Tags given for the list.

Here's what it looks like:

{{Nexi:Bugs Bug}}
Nexi:Bugs Bug Add

Note 1 - Link Targets will be Created Automatically

When using title links, Tag links and add-a-page links, matching pages do not have to exist. In these cases, you are prompted to add a page when clicking on a Tag link that has no matching pages.

This makes building new content very easy. Just describe what the link should look like, then click on it.

[[Nexi:Test FakePage]]

{{Nexi:Test Sandbox}}

(Add Nexi:Test FakePage)

Nexi:Test Sandbox Add

This doesn't work for direct page links, of course. A page must exist to have a number.

Note 2 - Link Titles

To add a title to your link, place a vertical bar | after the Tags, then type in your title. Finish the link with a closing bracket or brace as usual.

With a direct link, the title will override the title of the page. This is handy if you want to use the link in the middle of a sentence and don't want the page title (which can be easily changed) to wreak havok on your writing.

With a Tag link, the title is used only when the target page(s) do not exist. If you click on one of these links, the title will be filled in for you. (Makes creating new pages very simple -- you can pre-create both their Tags and their title just by creating a link to that page).

With a add-a-page list, the title you give will always appear as the list header. It will also appear as the title of a new page.

Here are some examples:

It's [54|easy] to link to other pages.

[[Nexi:Test FakePage|This shouldn't lead to a new page, but it might, if someone clicks on it.]]

{{Nexi:Test Sandbox|Click here to add your own sandbox page!}}

It's easy to link to other pages.

(Add This shouldn\'t lead to a new page, but it might, if someone clicks on it.)

Click here to add your own sandbox page! Add

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