Adding New Pages

Editing pages is easy. You click "Edit" and there you go. How do you add a new page?

How do I add a new page or set of pages?

"That depends on where that page should go."
Not a very helpful answer in that it doesn't really answer the question but instead asks another, because how you go about adding a page does depend on where that page appears on the site.

Here's the thing: Where a page appears doesn't depend on its page number or on its page title. The only thing that determines where a page appears is its tags. Tags are everything.

"I don't want to think about that, I want to start typing."

Click Attach New Page, which appears in the command bar at the bottom of every page. This gets you to an editor quickly so you can capture whatever idea is burning in your mind.

Where the page winds up

Linked to the bottom of the page you started from. Why? Its tags are My AttachedTo. When a page has a page number and AttachedTo as tags, a link to that page will appear at the bottom of the page with the given page number.

Once the page is saved and you are less uptight about writing content, you can adjust its tags so it shows up where it belongs.

Or, maybe that IS where it belongs. Maybe you just want to create a simple site with pages that are attached to each other and to nothing else. That's cool.

"I want to make a page similar to the one I'm looking at."

Click Add Sibling Page in the command bar. The editor opens on a new page with the exact same tags as the page you were viewing.

Where the page winds up

Since the page has exactly the same tags as the page you started at, it appears in all of the same lists.

"I want to make a new list of pages."

Go to a page that the list should appear on. Click the Edit tab. Find where the list should go, then create a List Link. They look like this:

{{Keyword1 Keyword2 Keyword3}}

Where Keyword1 and so on are a set of tags unique to this list. When you save, the list will appear as a header line with a + appearing after it. Click the + to start adding pages with these tags.

Where the pages wind up

All of the new pages are attached to the original page -- the one with the list link on it. They can also appear on other pages, if those pages have lists with matching tags.

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