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If you want to understand the technology in a nutshell, think It's like a Wiki but it uses tags like

Here are the help pages for the Nexi Library engine, also used at If you're like me, you'd rather learn by example than just read a reference guide. So, find a page that does something you like, then click edit this page and see how it does what you want.

Remember -- everything, even the links between pages -- is part of the page itself and can be edited.

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What are tags?
Site:Nexi Help Node Editing Basics Add
Basic Text Formatting
Bullets and Numbered Lists
Images and Graphics
Preformatted Text (Lyrics, Poetry)
Text Dividers
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Adding New Pages
Linking to Other Pages
Linking to Other Sites
Special Link Commands
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All Taglink Options
Creating Page Templates
Extra Page Formatting Commands
Special Taglink Techniques

N.B. my ego demands that I say that the technology Nexi is based on predates both wikis and tags, having been developed in 1994, but that's not really important. You just need to understand how it works.

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