What are tags?

Tags Describe

Tags are words that describe content. When you give a page a tag, you are making a statement about what information is on that page.

Tags Classify

Tags help organize information. By giving pages that discuss similar subject matter the same tag, you associate those pages together, letting the system (and users) know that the pages are related.

Tags Work Together

Tags work both singly, and in combination. When pages have more than one tag in common, they are more tightly related together.

Tags are Links

Almost all links created between pages are made by referring to tags, not specific pages. Nexi is an Associative Web of information. Tags are the threads of the web.

Tags Group Pages

For organizational purposes, groups of pages use the same tag, often a site-specific tag such as Site:Recipes. By including this tag in all of the pages in this group, it is easy to determine which pages are part of the group, and which are not.

Tags Are the Heart of Nexi

Consider this thought: If we have a database of recipes with tags like beef, pork, chicken, entree, appetizer, and so on, we don't need to know how many recipes there are, or what they are called, or what their page number is. It just doesn't matter.

When we want to find a recipe, we just describe it by what tags it has: I want a chicken entree. Given that simple piece of information -- those two tags -- Nexi will retrieve the chicken entrees. Adding more tags will narrow down the results.

Use the Keyword Navigator to see this work in real-time.

Making the Best Use of Tags

  • When you are adding a new page, be sure to give it useful tags.
  • If you are contributing to a "site" that already exists, there are probably some recommended tags that you can choose from. You should also feel free to add more tags if you feel they will help describe the page better.
  • If you are creating a new group of pages, be sure to give them all a unique Site: tag so it will be easier to handle them en masse.

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Sets of Tags

When you create a taglink, Nexi will link to every page that has all of the tags in the link. This may be one page, or hundreds. A taglink looks like this: [[tag]]. Every page that matches that tag will match it, and be shown.

Often, this will capture pages you didn't really want to link to. To narrow down the scope of the link, add more tags to the link. Instead of [[Car]] you might write [[Car Sedan Honda]].

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