AfterShot Pro Plug-ins

Sean M Puckett's plug-ins for the camera RAW workflow/conversion program AfterShot Pro.

Plug-ins now Available

Nostalgia - Film Simulation for AfterShot Pro

Nostalgia gives digital images a film look by simulating traditional chemical films such as Tri-X, Kodachrome, Velvia and so on. Nostalgia also simulates familiar papers such as Portra, Multi-Contrast and others. It is the successor to the Bibble plug-ins Andy & Andrea and improves upon them by supporting many more films and papers. Learn more ...

Nuance - Colour Grading for AfterShot Pro

Nuance is a colour grading tool. It adjusts the look and feel of an image by shifting the tint, brightness, vibrance and contrast of up to 24 distinct colour "patches." Nuance is designed to enhance the look of the image as a whole, and can very easily and quickly build a unique colour treatment to give a special look and feel to your photography. Learn more ...

Plug-ins on the way

AfterShot's internal functions have changed quite a bit from Bibble 4 and Bibble 5 (the original home for these tools), so it does take a little while to bring them forward. Check back here or on the public forums for news about new plug-ins!

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