FxAndy - Film Simulation for Final Cut

FxAndy takes your digital footage back to the film era with picture perfect simulations of image-making classic emulsions including Velvia, Eterna, Ektachrome, Agfachrome, Kodachrome, RSX, ADOX, FP4, Portra, Fomapan, and a dozen more.

"Portrait" reel. Multiple FxAndy simulators in sequence. (New, Feb 21)

"Flower" reel. One FxAndy simulator, keyframe variations.

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FxAndy - Film Simulation for Final Cut

Reviews & Commentary
"...a sweet film simulator..."
"...pretty good bang for the buck..."
How does it work?
FxAndy translates the digital image you captured into a realistic simulation of a film camera complete with full color filter control, exposure control, film type selector with latitude adjustments and processing variations, darkroom and enlarger, classic print emulsions and papers with variations and adjustments -- and a few digital-world tweaks to add even more versatility.
Never run out of stock!
And unlike real films, FxAndy makes it easy with perfect exposure compensation, no dangerous chemicals, simple latitude adjustments and -- most importantly -- no wondering where you'll find the next warehouse stash of long-discontinued film.
Not presets; real software inside.
These simulations aren't presets -- FxAndy is a full simulation suite with thousands of simulator combinations available, plus infinite variations of parameters, almost all of them keyframable for subtle and dramatic effects.
Famous in still photography
FxAndy is the brother of Andrea - Film Simulation for Bibble 5, the pre-eminent film simulator for the RAW processor Bibble 5. Andrea is an essential part of the style of professional still photographers all over the world, and now with the completely rewritten and speed optimized Final Cut plugin, the same looks are finally available for cinema.

Get you some vitamin FxAndy for Final Cut

Demo Version - Free
Download Now (zipped installer)
Includes two colour film simulations with full functionality.
OSX Leopard or Snow Leopard required.
Full Version - 129US
Purchase now in the plug-in manager
Includes dozens of simulators for merely 129US!
That's less than lunch in Paris! Unless you live there.

Sanity check: please ensure the demo version works on your system before purchasing the full version.


Author: Sean M Puckett - seanmpuckett@gmail.com
Other plug-ins: http://nexi.com/bibplugs
My photography and bio: http://seanmpuckett.com

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